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Here is a general overview of services we typically cover:

Pre-wedding Consultation: Meet with the couple to discuss their vision, preferences, and any specific shots or moments they want to be captured. This is an opportunity to understand their story and style.

Pre-wedding Shoot: Capture the couple's love story and chemistry in a pre-wedding video shoot, usually conducted at multiple locations or a destination chosen by the couple.

Mehndi Ceremony: Film the colorful and lively mehndi ceremony where the bride's hands and feet are adorned with henna. Capture the intricate designs, traditional songs, and dances.

Sangeet Ceremony/ Jago: Document the joyous musical night where family and friends come together for singing, dancing, and performances. Capture the energy, excitement, and talent of the participants.

Haldi Ceremony: Film the application of turmeric paste on the bride and groom as part of a purification ritual. Capture the playful and emotional moments shared among family members during this event.

Civil / Church Ceremony: Film the wedding ceremony, including the brides arrival, the exchange of vows, the rings, and the first kiss. Capture the emotions, reactions, and special moments between the couple and their families.

Wedding Ceremony: Cover the main wedding day, including the arrival of the baraat (groom's procession), the bride's entry, the exchange of vows, rituals, and blessings. Capture the rituals, emotions, and the overall grandeur of the wedding.

Couple's Shoot: Conduct a private photo and video shoot with the newlyweds, capturing intimate and romantic moments. Utilize scenic locations or the venue's picturesque spots to create stunning visuals.

Reception: Film the post-wedding celebration where the newlyweds celebrate their wedding. Capture speeches, toasts, dances, and the overall festive atmosphere.

Other Rituals: Depending on the specific traditions and customs of the wedding, there may be additional events such as the engagement ceremony, tilak ceremony, choora ceremony, sagai ceremony or others. We can capture these rituals and their significance.​

To receive a quote for your event, please get in touch and we will reply within 24hrs. 



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