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Nisha and Kishan - Harrow School Wedding

harrow school Indian wedding
Nisha and Kishan

In the heart of history-rich Harrow-on-the-Hill, amidst the grandeur of Harrow School, a love story unfolded on the 11th of February 2024. Nisha and Kishan, two souls entwined in elegance and grace, embarked on a journey of a lifetime in the most exquisite setting. Let's delve into the enchanting tale of their wedding day, a celebration of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

A Historic Affair at Harrow School -

Harrow School, with its storied past and timeless charm, provided the perfect backdrop for Nisha and Kishan's civil wedding. From its majestic architecture to its lush surroundings, every corner of this historic venue whispered tales of romance and tradition. As the morning sun cast its golden rays upon the ancient halls, Nisha and Kishan shared a private first look, capturing the anticipation and excitement of the day ahead.

An Elegant Union

Following the heartfelt first look, Nisha and Kishan exchanged vows in a ceremony brimming with elegance and sophistication. Against the backdrop of Harrow School's rich heritage, surrounded by loved ones, they sealed their love with promises that echoed through the centuries. With the expert lens of Anand at KarmaKai Photography, every glance, every smile was immortalized in timeless beauty, ensuring that the memories of their special day would last a lifetime.

A Celebration to Remember

The festivities continued into the night as Nisha and Kishan, along with their guests, gathered at Bnova; for a reception filled with joy and merriment. Against the backdrop of Bnova's chic ambiance, the newlyweds danced the night away, their laughter echoing through the halls as they celebrated the beginning of their new life together.

Capturing Every Moment

Throughout the day, every precious moment was expertly captured by Sunny at The London Videographer ( With his keen eye for detail and artistic flair, Sunny ensured that each frame told a story of love, laughter, and cherished memories. From the tender exchange of vows to the lively festivities that followed, his craftsmanship immortalized the essence of Nisha and Kishan's love story in cinematic perfection.

Forever Begins Here

As Nisha and Kishan embark on this new chapter of their lives, may their love continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Their wedding day, set against the backdrop of Harrow School's timeless elegance, was a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty of two souls coming together as one.

To experience the magic captured by Anand at KarmaKai Photography ( , explore the exquisite venues of Harrow School and Bnova, or immortalize your love story with Sunny at The London Videographer, visit their websites for more information and inspiration.

As we raise a glass to Nisha and Kishan, may their journey be filled with laughter, adventure, and endless moments of joy. Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness!


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